[District Update]: Fall 2020

[District Update]: We are continuing negotiations with several employers, either in-person or through video and phone conferencing. There are no active strikes in our District.

The Women’s Committee held their first meeting, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment and laying the foundation for the Committee’s years to come.

We’ve received a number of organizing leads and calls – some are looking to join the ranks of our membership at a union shop, others are looking to organize their place of employment. Last month, we received two voluntary recognitions to represent 60 members ~with~ first agreements.

The Machinists Union has endorsed Joe Biden for President. The Ohio State Council of Machinists (@iamawoscm) conscientiously endorsed candidates that set out to represent all Ohioans and hear the voices of working families and union members.

The next Delegate meeting is in two weeks. More to come in our next newsletter, which will be published later this month.

As always, if you need us, call. Otherwise, we’ll see you during a shop visit or at the next Local meeting!

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[District Update]:

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No matter the time of year or what news breaks tomorrow – we are here and ready to help you organize! (614) 239-0401 Ext. 104 54@dl54.com P.O. Box 61, Nova, OH 44859 iamdistrict54.com below ; Why depend on the company’s ‘open-door’ policy, when you can join a union and gain a legal voice in yourContinue reading “JOIN THE MACHINISTS!”

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