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[District Update]:

[District Update]: Happy New Year!! We’re excited to announce that the District rang in the new year with an organizing win today in Cleveland! Congratulations to our new members in LL439 ✊ Last month, the Staff negotiated several contracts and arbitrated many victorious cases throughout OH, WV, and IN. We also received a promising organizingContinue reading “[District Update]:”



No matter the time of year or what news breaks tomorrow – we are here and ready to help you organize! (614) 239-0401 Ext. 104 P.O. Box 61, Nova, OH 44859 below ; Why depend on the company’s ‘open-door’ policy, when you can join a union and gain a legal voice in yourContinue reading “JOIN THE MACHINISTS!”

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International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers, District Lodge 54, servicing OH, WV, NE IN.